Liquidation of Kornukopia Pty Ltd and Efektiv Pty Ltd

Jarrod Rogers CPA If you think you are owed money from any of the people involved and you want to skip the background information, scroll down to the heading “What if I am owed money by these companies?”. I have previously written on this site about the following people and companies. KORNUCOPIA PTY LTD (ACN … Read more

Do I have to pay my HECS debt?

One of the most common financial regrets clients have is their HECS debt. That $30,000 debt seems like it will never get any smaller. The biggest regrets come from people who wish they’d never enrolled in the course in the first place. Maybe you did the first year of a degree before switching course, or … Read more

Company directors: don’t make this crucial tax mistake

Most of us have experience being a company employee.  And many Australians have experience as a company owner in a small way.  If you’re a shareholder in a widely held company like Telstra or perhaps a major bank then technically you’re a part owner of the company. Being an employee and being an owner are … Read more

Are you paying payroll tax when you don’t need to?

Legitimate ways to avoid payroll tax in Victoria Congratulations.  If you’re reading this your business has hit – or will be close to hitting – the payroll tax threshold. Now I know you’re not going to be over the moon about leaking even more tax out of your small business.  But if you are paying … Read more