Selling your business

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Before you can sell a business you need to have your financial statements and tax returns up to date and ready to provide to potential purchasers.

Your recent financial statements form part of theSection 52 Statement which a vendor selling a business is required by law to give the purchaser as part of the sale process.

The services we provide in relation to the sale of a business include:

  • Lodging outstanding tax returns & activity statements
  • Preparation of financial statements for a Section 52 statement

We can arrange additional services through our professional partners.

  • Advertise on behalf of seller and monitor response
  • Preparation of valuation of business for seller
  • Negotiating with potential buyers
  • Drafting a contract

Finally, you need to consider capital gains tax when selling a small business. Some small businesses can access tax concessions when selling. This could save thousands of dollars in tax, and you need to know if you are eligible.


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