JobKeeper Q & A

We recently conducted a JobKeeper Q&A session on YouTube. If you cannot view the video we have included a transcript below. Transcript Hi everybody, it’s Jarrod Rogers here from Beyond Accountancy.  I’m here today with Ashlee and Craig.  JobKeeper is now law, it has been operating for a while.  Enrolment started last week but there … Read more

A 5 minute guide to home office tax deductions

Jarrod Rogers CPA 5 April 2020 The coronavirus crisis has resulted in a lot more employees working from home. There are the main questions we’re getting from clients and the main claims most people should be making. Update – 7 April 2020: due to the increase in the number of people working from home, the … Read more

Job Keeper payment (stimulus part 3)

Jarrod Rogers CPA 3 April 2020 Yes, it’s another update from us on government stimulus.  However, every new week is a new tax law, and as businesses owners, we all need to keep up to date. Job Keeper You would have heard of Job Keeper in the news. Here is the fact sheet: The … Read more

The simple tax guide for barristers (Australia)

18 Mar 2020 Here’s a line I’ve never heard from a barrister: “I’ve got so much spare time, I don’t know what to do with it”. Between court deadlines, demanding clients, impatient judges and the general pressure of being a sole trader, life at the bar is very busy.  As well as professional pressures, the … Read more