Property investment: The right loan makes a difference

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The astute investor also needs to consider the tax and cash flow implications of their loan product.

Interest paid on a loan is tax deductible, but the principal repayments are not. Many investors opt for interest only loans because:

  1. the loan repayments are smaller; and
  2. the loan repayments are fully deductible.

The comparison is more clear when you compare the after tax cash flow (see below). The difference of $7,000 can be the difference between being able to afford a property or not.

  Interest Only Principal & Interest
Loan amount $250,000 $250,000
Interest rate 7% 7%
Monthly repayments Nil $24,595

* first year of loan ** assume 31.5% rate

If an investor has a home loan in addition to their investment loan they should pay off the home loan first. This is because the investment loan is tax deductible and a percentage of the interest paid is refunded on your tax return. For example, if your marginal tax rate is 30% then a tax deductible loan is effectively 30% cheaper than a non deductible loan.

To maximise the tax advantage an investor should:

  • pay the home loan as principal & interest
  • pay the investment loan as interest only

Investors should avoid using their investment loan for any non-investment purposes. It sounds simple, but failure to do this can create a tax mess.

The reason is that the tax deductibility of loan interest depends on the use of the loan. If only 90% of the loan funds are used for your investment, then you can only claim a deduction for 90% of the interest.

For example, an investor has an investment loan of $225,000 and redraws $25,000 to buy a new car. The loan is now only 90% deductible ($225,000/ $250,000) and the interest calculation can become very complicated.

You can re-draw the loan for property related expenses without affecting the deductibility of the loan, e.g. to pay for property related expenses, repairs or improvements.

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